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Freedom by Alukei
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Hi there people,

Still not drawing too much currently, since I've been super busy, but I'm making progress with lots of my owed drawings and gifts or collabs.

Just wanted to inform you about the work :-) Hopefully a lot will be finished this weekend, I haven't planned a lot.

Now, I actually wanted to talk to you about something else. Has anyone of you ever tried out lucid dreaming?

I have been really interested in that topic lately and have read a lot about it in the past weeks. I have also tried it every night - especially when I fell asleep, I only though about how I'm going to lucid dream and managed to keep my mind completely blank.

Well, this night I finally kind of succeeded. At least I think I succeeded- well,let me tell you what I can remember about my night.

I know I had kind of a bad dream and it was very vivid and unpleasant, I couldn't get out of it. Then I guess somewhen in the night I woke up (not sure about this though) and when on the toilet. I went back to sleep and I know I got rid of the jumper I was wearing (I remember this and getting onto the toilet, I guess), then I fell back to sleep. It was around 4-5 am when I woke up and went back to sleep so actually perfect timing for REM sleep. Anyways, I went back and started having a bad dream again - (I had spoken to my dad yesterday everning about people being chased or murdered before their house (I spoke to him about that topic because last week my phone died and I came home very late and he was incredibly worried)) Whatever. So I started dreaming that someone was chasing me and I was running from him when suddenly I stopped running and looked at my hand (Yes, I've been performing reality checks during the day for the past weeks) So I automatically did that in my dream. My hand actually looked very dissorted and not normally - that's when I realized that I'm dreaming and literally thought in my dream 'I don't want to dream this anymore'. I SADLY don't know what happened afterwards, but that was my first little experience. Don't know if you could call it a lucid dream, but it certainly was a good start :) What do you guys think? Have you ever lucid dreamed? How was it - how far could you go in the dream and how often has it occurred to you?

I really want to start a dream journal. Lately, it's been very hard for me to remember my dreams, so I really want to start writing them down, I find it quite interesting to read through what I dreamt that night.

Take care,

Lu xoxo
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Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
Well, hi there, I suppose.
I'll just make it short, alright? ;P
I'm nearly 18, I live in Europe, I'm just another random girl who surfs the internet, has big dreams, goals and obsessions, wishes for the first true love. I'm also a girl who loves books, drawing, writing, music, nature, mountains, photography, colorful colors and more. I'm weird in my very own way and only a few people ever get to know the "real" me. Because I have a way of hiding the real me, I suppose even I haven't found out everything about myself yet. I also am totally open to all different cultures, religions or whatever ;P Drop a note if you'd like to say hi ;) I'm glad to help or chat!

Art Status!

Art Status!

First of all, the commission chart up there holds only basic prices and not full prices, some are even outdated. If you want a commission from me, look out for my journals or simply send me a note and I'll reply back if I can do the commission, when, and how much the price will be (: My prices generally always differ as every commission is different, don't be afraid to ask! (:

And for now, my status: Free button: Commissions Closed by Mimru

Concerning trades and collabs, I'm generally never really "open" Usually, I take a few trades or collabs here and there, but it usually doesn't often happen. I generally like to prefer if I'm kind of on the same level as the person I'm trading with. I hope you understand this, it's nothing personal haha :3 Usually, I approach people if I want to trade, but as I said, it depends on me and my mood and most important of all, if I have enough time. (:



please do NOT..
-Beg me for any points on my page OR send me notes begging for points
-Ask me for requests or free artwork
-Use my pictures without permission.
-Trace/Copy/etc my pictures or post them somewhere else without crediting me!
-Advertise your own group/page/etc on MY PAGE!!
-Do NOT beg me to watch you/fave your things/or comment on your artwork
-Ask me to be your friend (it doesn't work like that ._.)
-post spam or chain letters (I HATE THOSE, seriously -___-)
-Spam up my profile with random stuff or comments.



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